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What is Lingostar ?

There are two ways kids learn a foreign language: in the classroom and in the native environment. We are the first who have created a purely native English environment for kids in Armenia.

Lingostar is an innovative space for accelerated English learning. We have created a uniquely native English environment where our students expand and apply reading, speaking, listening and writing skills at the same time and place, the same way children develop their language skills in the US and other native speaking countries.

What’s more, not only we strive to improve kids’ language skills, but we are also determined to shape future leaders by advancing their critical thinking & problem-solving skills, creative thinking and understanding of global culture. All in English!


What is Lingostar ?

How does it work ?

Before joining Lingostar, students take the STAR Test which determines their English proficiency.
This test is free of charge for every student.
After students join Lingostar, they start to have regular sessions. Each session consists of 5 parts and is 1.5 – 2 hours long in total.

1) Students select and read books within their level.

2) Students take a reading comprehension test for the book they read – the AR Quiz.

3) Students discuss the books and learn new concepts and skills with LingoCoach.

4) Students practice their creativity and writing skills by completing one of the numerous templates.

5) Students may have extra time which they can use to do some free reading or engage in other activities, such as vocabulary games, brain quests, etc.

We provide valuable feedback to the Parents on their child’s progress on regular basis.

STAR Test (Placement Test)

Lingostar is the Armenian representative of US Based Renaissance – K-12 Educational Software which operates in 80 counties, including the US, the UK, China etc.

When students first come to Lingostar, they are tested and assigned a level by our software. This level shows the grade a student would be in if studying in the US school.


  • Reading Skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Spelling Skills

We are proud to present more than 5000 original English books for kids aged 6 to 18. All books are leveled from 0.0 to 9.0. These are the grades in which these books are read by kids in the US. 

By reading the books at the right level, students learn new vocabulary and strengthen their grammar efficiently, since they naturally learn it through the content, just like native English-speaking students do.

AR Quiz

  • Problem-solving Skill
  • Logical Thinking
  • Critical Thinking

After each book the students read, they will take a short comprehension quiz on the iPad called the AR Quiz. Each book at Lingostar has its own unique AR Quiz. The goal is for every student to have an AR Quiz average of 85%-100%.

The AR Quiz score shows how well students understand the books within their level. Once students have a stable score of 85% – 100%, they can move to a higher level.

Speaking Session with LingoCoach

  • Speaking Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Creative Thinking
  • Logical Thinking

During the Speaking Session, students discuss different topics and themes that they encounter in the books they read thus developing their speaking & critical thinking skills. Our coaches are fully trained to make every student comfortable with speaking in English.

Creative Writing

  • Writing Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creating Thinking

We have developed more than 40 writing templates to make writing fun.  All templates differ in difficulty and design. Each template is designed in a fun and engaging way to make it easier for the student to compose a well-structured piece of writing.

diagnostic test


We provide valuable feedback to the parents on their child’s progress on regular basis. The feedback includes the AR quiz results, report on student’s performance and progress in the speaking sessions, feedback on the student’s written book reports.

This feedback will allow the parents to know about the strengths of their child, the areas where their child has improved and where he/she needs more improvement.

More Features

We know how to motivate

Everything we do at Lingostar – prizes, stamps, competitions, certificates, everything – is designed to keep our students highly motivated. Motivation is an important part of the Lingostar flow.

Students as Decision Makers

At Lingostar, the students decide on their own what books within their level they want to read, what themes they want to discuss with the LingoCoach and what topics to write about.

Love of Reading Starts Here!

Once your child enters Lingostar space, a brand-new world will open in front of him/her. From Marvel Heroes, to Disney characters, from National Geographic Kids scientific books to world’s bestselling fiction titles, picture books, chapter books, series, etc, we have all kinds of books to interest your kid.

Your kid will fall in love with reading.

Culture of English

Once students enter through the doors of Lingostar, they should feel that they have stepped into a “new world”. It’s important that whenever students are at Lingostar they only speak English and only hear English. This forces them to think more in English and become more comfortable interacting in English with peers.

Educational Goals

Our goal is to raise: Confident Readers, Creative Writers, Fluent Speakers, Great Leaders.


Our students get certificates each time they move up from one level to another.



Family Discount

Group Discount

Long Term Purchase Discount

Individual Scholarships Avaliable


  • 8 guided sessions / month
  • Each session 2 hours
  • Unlimited Library visits
  • STAR Test
  • (Level Placement test)
  • AR Quiz
  • (Reading Comprehension Test)
  • Speaking Session with LingoCoach
  • Creative Writing Session
  • Feedback Report
  • Borrow Book
  • DIY Session
  • Book Club (Audio & Visual)


25% off till December 31

Lingostar English Library Card

9.900AMD monthly

  • Free Reading
  • Each Visit 1.5 – 2 hours
  • Unlimited access to 5000 books
  • STAR Test
  • (Level Placement Test)
  • AR Quiz
  • (Reading Comprehension Test)
  • Speaking Session with LingoCoach
  • Creative Writing Session
  • Feedback Report
  • Borrow Books
  • DIY Session
  • Book Club (Audio & Visual)


Our Team

Our team consists of young enthusiasts who are passionate about education. We believe that each child is unique and talented, and we are dedicated to exhibiting their talents and creating future leaders.

Our mission is to provide fun, curiosity and tech-based learning environment. Apart from English teaching, we strive to improve Students’ thinking and problem-solving skills, to increase knowledge of global culture and awareness in various fields. All in English.

David Mzikyan


Laura Mzikyan


Vardan Avanesyan



English has never been this colorful before.

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27 Azatutyan Ave
Yerevan, Armenia

+ 374 44 97 00 99

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